Tristram Shandy Book 2, Chapters 11-14 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 2, Chapters 11-14 Summary

Chapter 11 begins with the aftermath of Dr. Slop's and Obadiah's accidental crash into one another as Obadiah was racing to fetch Dr. Slop. Dr. Slop, not knowing that Tristram's mother had indeed gone into labor, was on his way to the Shandy manor to check on Mrs. Shandy.

Dr. Slop's clothes are muddy because of the fall he has taken, and he is invited into the Shandy home so he might change. While inside the Shandy house, the doctor is told that Mrs. Shandy is in labor.

Unfortunately, the doctor announces, he is not prepared to assist in the delivery. Having thought that Mrs. Shandy was not yet due to deliver, he left his medical bag at home, the one that contains the tools of his trade. In particular, he...

(The entire section is 511 words.)