Tristan Tzara Further Reading - Essay

Sami Rosenstock

Further Reading

(Poetry Criticism)


Bersani, Jacques. "Tzara Lives!" Manchester Guardian Weekly (December 28, 1975): 12.

Reviews the Oeuvres complètes, Volume I: 1912-1924 and praises it for showing "the singlemindedness and consistency of Tzara's concerns."

Biron, Lionel A. "The Secret French and German Editions of Tristan Tzara's Dada 3, or How to Launch an International Movement at the Height of European Nationalism." Rackham Literary Studies 6 (1975): 35-40.

Recounts Tzara's efforts to publish ajournai containing both French and German poetry in 1918, before World War I had...

(The entire section is 419 words.)