(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

The Learned Judge

The Learned Judge, an eminent jurist who rose to the top of his profession by first wooing, then jilting a rich attorney’s elderly, ugly daughter. A good judge of beauty, he ends the case by offering to marry the plaintiff.

The Plaintiff

The Plaintiff (Angelina), a lovely young woman suing Edwin for breach of promise. She wins the love of the jury and the Judge, whom she accepts in lieu of Edwin.

The Defendant

The Defendant (Edwin), a fickle lover who would be glad to marry Angelina if it would not deprive so many other girls of happiness. He would marry her today if he could marry another tomorrow. The jury considers him a monster.

The Usher

The Usher, a careful and conscientious instructor of the jury. He urges the jurors to be free from all bias, to listen to the Plaintiff with sympathy, and to pay no attention to anything the vile Defendant says.

The Foreman of the Jury

The Foreman of the Jury, a tenderhearted man who wishes to be like a father to the Plaintiff. He offers his manly bosom for her to recline on if she feels faint and gives her a fatherly kiss.

The Counsel for the Plaintiff

The Counsel for the Plaintiff, a sympathetic lawyer. He, too, offers his bosom for her to recline on. He is horrified at the Defendant’s proposal of plural marriages, for to marry two wives at a time is “Burglaree.”

The First Bridesmaid

The First Bridesmaid, a lovely young woman who captivates the Judge before the Plaintiff appears.