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(Great Characters in Literature)

Worth Luckett

Worth Luckett, a pioneer woodsman who has real wanderlust and cannot stay in one place very long. He feeds his family by shooting game; when the game runs out, they must move on. He is a simple man and loyal to his wife and family, but he is somewhat irresponsible. He starts to build a cabin for his family to live in, but he is gone so much of the time that his wife has to prod him to finish the building before the winter snows come.

Jary Luckett

Jary Luckett, Worth’s wife. She is rather sickly and has the slow fever. She does not like to move about so much but realizes that Worth can support his family only if he can kill game. She says nothing about the unfinished cabin until one day when the leaves fall from the trees and she sees the sky through the branches. She then decides that she must have a house in which to live. She finally dies of fever.

Sayward (Saird) Luckett

Sayward (Saird) Luckett, Worth and Jary’s eldest child. She is a big, strapping girl who takes most of the responsibility for the care of the other children. She is very strong, both physically and mentally. She marries Portius Wheeler after offering herself as his wife when another woman turns him down.

Wyitt Luckett

Wyitt Luckett, Worth and Jary’s son, who grows up to be a “woodsy” exactly like his father.

Genny Luckett


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(Great Characters in Literature)

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