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Investigate modern forms of piracy. What do they have in common with the piracy of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? How do they differ? Where does piracy occur other than at sea? Is it committed through the Internet? In the fashion trade? In the stock market?

Stevenson wrote much poetry. Read some of his more famous works, such as A Child’s Garden of Verses (1885). Compare his work to that of modern-day children’s poet Shel Silverstein. How do their works differ? What is the tone of their writing? How is the subject matter the same?

Read Treasure Island and Louis Sachar’s Holes (2000), a modern adventure and coming-of-age story. Then write a short story about the main characters, Jim Hawkins and Stanley Yelnats, as if they were friends who were sharing a common adventure. Set the story in any time you choose. Demonstrate through your story how the two young boys are alike and how they differ. Make sure you understand each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Write a travel piece on Samoa. Include descriptions of the island, the history of its people, and interesting aspects of the culture. Include as much information as you can find on what Stevenson experienced there. Assume your readers want to visit the island because they are fans of Stevenson’s. Include a description of Stevenson’s house and the reaction of the native people to his being there.

Stevenson’s grandfather was a famous designer of lighthouses. Find out where his lighthouses are located and provide pictures of them and their history.

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