Treasure Island Overview Quiz

A map shows the way to buried pirate treasure! Be sure you remember the trials that Jim Hawkins, the hero of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, must endure as he searches for the booty by taking the Treasure Island quiz from eNotes.

  1. What does Hawkins discover about the seemingly-amiable Long John Silver?

  2. Why won't Hawkins run away with the doctor?

  3. How does Hawkins acquire the treasure map?

  4. What do the pirates find when they locate the spot indicated on the treasure map?

  5. What does Billy Bones ask Jim Hawkins to do?

  6. What has become of Silver at the end of the novel?

  7. How did Ben Gunn come to live on the island?

  8. What action does Hawkins personally take against the "Hispaniola"?

  9. What does Israel Hands do and/or say to Hawkins?

  10. What does Hawkins admit to Long John Silver?