somewhere I have never traveled,gladly beyond

by E. E. Cummings

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Topics for Further Study

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Some commentators have called cummings a unique poet. Read through several other avantgarde or experimental poetry by different poets and try to find a poem that is similar to the entry poem. Compare the two poems in terms of punctuation, grammar, and style.

Read more about cummings’s life and write a short biography about the woman who you think is the subject of the poem.

Cummings wrote this poem during the era known as the Great Depression in the United States. Compare cummings’s poetry during this time period with other depression-era poetry. Discuss any trends that you find in this poetry.

In the poem, the poet is amazed at how his lover has been able to change his perspective about life. Research the physiology and psychology of love and discuss why you think love has this effect. Use your research to support your claims.

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