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The novel Trash, written by Andy Mulligan, is a dystopian young adult novel. This novel is about three boys who are quite poor and must look through the trash in order to survive. The story is told from the point of view of three different characters. The main characters in this novel are: Raphael Fernandez, Gardo, and Rat or Jun-Jun. By telling the story from different perspectives, Mulligan is able to develop the story in a way that readers' can learn how and what the characters and thinking and feeling.

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Raphael is a fourteen year old dumpsite boy who lives in Behala. He is very proud of being a trash boy. He is a very important member of his family as well as the community as a whole because he is strong and determined. Raphael wants to accomplish things in his life and is willing to work hard to be successful.

Gardo is another strong character. He is like a brother to Raphael and proves this by sticking to his side. Gardo is very caring and shows this many times when he helps Raphael.

Rat or Jun-Jun is a small, secretive boy. Rat is very sneaky but can also be charming. For an example, Rat is often given things from the Mission School because he appears sweet. Rat is one of the more rich people because he saves the money given to him.

All of the three main characters have similar qualities. All of the boys are intelligent, trusting, and loyal.

Another narrator is a character named Father Julliard. Father Julliard is in charge of the Pascal Aguila Mission School. He wants to encourage the dumpsite children to attend school but this is a difficult task.

Other characters include Sister Olivia, Gabriel Olondriz, and several police officers.

This story's themes of empowerment, family, poverty, and trust are all explored through the various characters and their stories.

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