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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Translations is a play by Brian Friel set in Ireland in 1833. The characters are:

Manus - Eldest son of Hugh. He is in love with Maire and leaves the village after learning she is in love with Yolland.

Owen - Manus's younger brother. He is employed by the British army to help Yolland anglicize the Irish place names around the village.

Hugh - Headmaster of the hedge-school in Baile Beag. Despite being drunk most of the time, he teaches Irish, Latin, and Greek.

Sarah - A young Irish girl who has difficulty speaking at all.

Lieutenant Yolland - An Englishman sent to Ireland as part of the Ordnance Survey. He falls in love with Maire, and his disappearance causes the English army to threaten the village.

Jimmy Jack - An educated man who feels trapped in provincial Ireland.

Captain Lancey - Yolland's commanding officer. When Yolland disappears, Lancey threatens to shoot the villagers if Yolland is not found within forty-eight hours.

Doalty and Bridget - The Donnelly twins. Young villagers who are proud of their Irish heritage and feel a strong connection to the village and their homeland.

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