Transforming a Rape Culture

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

TRANSFORMING A RAPE CULTURE gives the readers insightful commentary on rape in America. The contributors include activists, theologians, policy makers, and educators, all of whom view rape as a serious problem and one that has not been adequately addressed by the legal system, the schools, or the culture at large. The essays explore such issues as why men rape, the ways in which rape and other types of violence against women (including sexual harassment) are currently affirmed by the American culture. Other writers evaluate the effects of what they call America’s “rape culture” on women and on relationships between women and men.

Finally, these writers offer solutions to the alarmingly widespread incidents of rape that, in some contributors’ opinion, go unremarked as “ordinary,” everyday occurrences.

The book’s sections analyze the current “rape culture,” propose strategies for eradicating the rape mentality, suggest ways in which people can become antirape activists, and offer visions of a world in which men did not rape women. TRANSFORMING A RAPE CULTURE will challenge many readers, for the essays are strongly worded condemnations of the way things currently are, and their authors do not hesitate to name the causes of what they see as a pervasive form of violence against women. For readers unfamiliar with the issue of rape or with the extent of the current debate, the book will provide thought-provoking insights into American culture and values as well as offer those readers already involved with this issue many useful strategies, analyses, and an extensive list of contact resources.

As an introduction to the current debate about violence against women, TRANSFORMING A RAPE CULTURE gives readers a clear picture of the nature and extent of the rape crisis in contemporary American society.