Trammell Crow, Master Builder

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Conviction, trust, respect, and a desire to make things work characterize the stories of success detailed in this book and the people who have been successful in working with Crow. Indeed, one of the keys to Crow’s success has been his ability to pick the right people at the right time, placing them in a position where they can develop their talents without imposing too many restrictions on them. Crow works under the premise that everyone likes to deal with “nice people.” He looks for individuals with high ethical standards, intelligence, creativity, and ambition. Like most executive managers, Crow tried psychological evaluations for prospective employees, but he soon abandoned this method, relying as he had in the past on his own judgment and observation. Over time, this informal approach has proved to be remarkably accurate.

While his name is not widely known outside the field of real estate and development, Crow has left his mark on the way Americans do business. The reader will be amazed to see the depth of Crow’s involvement in building throughout the United States and the world. Projects such as the Dallas Market Center, San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center, and the Hong Kong Sheraton show the breadth of his work. Given the scope of Crow’s achievements, it is clear that his relative obscurity is at least in part self-chosen; he is the antithesis of a publicity seeker like Donald Trump.

Sobel’s biography of Crow is not simply...

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