Townsend's Warbler by Paul Fleischman

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. Before Wyeth's expedition, there was that of Lewis and Clark. Wyeth's expedition even visits spots where Lewis and Clark had been. How were these expeditions similar and how were they different? Were their goals the same? Did the members of the expeditions share any similarities in the way they conducted themselves?

2. How would modern naturalists go about studying new plants and animals? What would they do differently from Townsend and Nuttall?

3. Read Townsend's journals, then write a description of his personality.

4. What were the most important discoveries made by Townsend and Nuttall?

5. After such a long time since Townsend first noted the bird, why has Townsend's warbler not yet been fully studied? What is known about the bird? What is yet to be discovered?

6. Why is studying natural history important?

7. People shoot and kill animals for fun. Why do Fleischman and Townsend dislike this?

8. What other birds besides Townsend's warblers migrate up and down the Pacific coast of Central and North America?

9. Fleischman mentions that Townsend's warblers share their territories with other species of birds. What birds share the same environment with Townsend's warblers? Why are these different species able to live together without using up the food supply?

10. Write a biographical summary of the life of Townsend, that of Nuttall, or that of Wyeth. What were they like?