I'm creating an advertisement video for our province, including various attractions. Can you suggest some compelling phrases or quotations?

I'm advertising our whole province including beaches, churches, parks, museums, festivals etc. Current phrase: "Are you looking for a place to relax? Come and visit us."

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For one more idea, if you are looking for something as an opening phrase or a catch phrase: "Truly unique experiences await you in ____ Province." 

This line implies the question of what these experiences will be and you will naturally be able to move into a description of what these unique experiences are. 

For some more general advice, you may choose to begin with over-view and gradually transition into more detailed descriptions of destinations in your province. This could look like this:

"Truly unique experiences await you in ____ Province. From breath-taking beaches and exciting festivals to historic cultural buildings, ___ Province boasts an array of destinations that draw tourists year after year." 

Flashing your best images during this segment, should engage the viewer. After an opening like this one, more specific information can accompany more images shown at a slower speed, letting you repeat some of the images used in the opening. 

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Common phrases in tourists/tourism often choose to emphasize beauty, history, popularity and significance. 

Thinking of phrases that relate to these ideas might help you get started. A certain bridge might be "a historic landmark" or "a historic local landmark". Terms like "oldest" and "first" can help establish the idea of something being historic. 

Also, drawing attention to novelty that lends even small significance to a place or an object is a common practice. "Largest farm in Suffox County" or "smallest horses you've ever seen" are two examples of ways to go in this direction. 

It's worth pointing out that all of these phrasing methods seek to emphasize the quality of uniqueness. Using phrases like, "world's only" or "one and only" or "only found/made here" can be helpful in this regard. 

Remember, people are interested in things that they are told are interesting. Ideas like popularity and beauty can inspire interest. "Breath-taking", "captivating", "number one", and "sought after" are terms that may help in communicating these notions. 

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