Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

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Touching Spirit Bear Test

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Section One: True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

  • Cole’s parents are both alcoholics.
  • Cole’s shelter on the island burns to the ground when it is struck by lightning.
  • Cole’s mom never stood up for him when his dad was beating him.
  • By the end of Part I, Cole is unsure about whether or not the Spirit Bear is real.
  • Cole tries to build a boat to escape the island.
  • The only people Cole trusts are his parents.
  • The Spirit Bear made Cole angry because it wasn’t scared of him.
  • After Cole’s banishment is complete, he could still be sent to jail.
  • Unable to move because of his severe injuries, the only way Cole was able to get fresh water was to let the rain fall into his mouth.
  • Cole threw the at.oow at the fire as his shelter burned.
  • Cole has been banished to Minneapolis.
  • The only people involved in the Circle Justice meetings were Cole, his parents, and lawyer, and Peter, his parents, and lawyer.
  • After the attack, Cole felt that nothing was more unbearable than the physical pain he was feeling.
  • During the Circle Justice meeting, the feather symbolizes respect.
  • Before eating the mouse, Cole breaks its neck and kills it.
  • Cole is from Alaska.
  • At the Circle Justice meeting, Judge Tanner wore his black robe.
  • Cole makes a spear from a sapling in order to kill the Spirit Bear.
  • Edwin tells Cole that there are no Spirit Bears in the area, except for maybe in Cole’s mind.

Short Answer Answer the following questions in complete sentences

  • Why did Cole start to fight with Peter?
  • What was one of the first things Cole had to do when he returned to the island?
  • Where and what did Edwin make Cole learn to do every morning?
  • When Edwin told Cole about Peter and how his parents would try anything near the end of the book, Cole told Edwin his idea of how to help Peter. When Edwin came back to bring supplies what else and whom else did he bring?
  • How did the fight between Cole and Peter start? What happened?
  • What did they make in the empty space on the Totem Pole? Why
  • What is Circle Justice?
  • List two possible themes of the book.
  • Explain in detail why one of your ideas from question 56 is a theme or central idea behind this book.
  • Give three reasons that this book should be taught to all freshman students at WRHS or three reasons that it should NOT be taught to students at WRHS

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A true/false, matching, and short answer "quick" test over the novel Touching Spirit Bear