Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

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Touching Spirit Bear Part I

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Complete the following in your spiral.

  • Copy an example of a simile from the text (be sure to place in quotation marks). Note the page number.
  • Copy an example of a metaphor from the text, and note the page number.
  • Compare the examples of figurative language you selected in #’s 1 & 2. Which one is more effective in your opinion? Explain your ideas.
  • “Curtains of northern lights danced wildly under the Big Dipper.” This is an example of figurative language known as __________________.
  • Write your own sentence using personification as a literary element to describe something.
  • Contrast Cole’s reaction to what he sees in nature on p. 68 with his reaction on p. 114. Use details from the text, and quote directly if possible.

About this Document

Short review of first part of Ben Mikaelsen's novel Touching Spirit Bear.