Chapter 6 Summary

The next morning, Danny wakes up and thinks about one of his houses burning. He manages to be a little angry at his careless friends as well as his decline in status as a man who has a house to rent.

Soon, however, he feels a sense of relief at having the burden of ownership removed. He thinks that the house burning will revitalize his friendship with the men who had owed him rent. He feels that he must discipline his friends, however, so they won't consider him soft, but he misses the time when he was a man to whom friends could come when they had some food or wine to share.

In the meantime, Pablo, Pilon, and Jesus Maria wake up in the woods to the sound of a picnic going on nearby. They discuss their plans for the future. Jesus Maria suggests that they might need to go to another town for a while, until the enormity of their “crime” has been forgotten. Pilon says this will only delay matters, so they had better go to Danny and confess. Plus, he reminds them, they have the present of the bra for Mrs. Morales.

The nearby picnickers go off and leave the basket behind, so Pablo and Jesus Maria steal all of the food out of it. They take it to Danny as a gift. He calls them dogs of dogs and other insults, but he begins to relent when he sees all the food. He is completely won over when he is presented with the bra, although he says that it is a mistake to give Mrs. Morales a present like this as it tends to tie a man.

Danny worries that Mrs. Morales will not think so highly of him now since he is no longer a man who owns two houses. He decides to keep the bra for a future occasion when it might be of use to someone.

Pilon regrets the loss of Mrs. Morales’s chickens, but Danny announces that she is going to buy two dozen new hens on Monday. As they drink the grappa the friends have brought, they discuss the pleasure there is in having friends to eat and drink with.

Pablo still feels guilty over burning down Danny’s house. Danny assumes that Pilon, Pablo, and Jesus Maria will of course be living with him now, and he warns them to stay out of his bed. In a fit of generosity, Jesus Maria pledges the three to the promise of always supplying Danny with food. Pilon and Pablo are alarmed at being bound to such a promise, but they agree.