Chapter 15 Summary

Danny evaluates his life in Monterey with his friends and decides that nothing ever changes. He grows tired of the relentless sameness of each day following another.

He was right in the beginning, he thinks, that he should be concerned about being a property owner. He thinks back to the time when he was free. He remembers the times when he was in fights or dealt with outraged husbands after flirting (or more) with their wives.

The weight of home ownership has overcome him. He begins to mope on the front porch so that his friends think that he is ill. Pilon fixes him some tea, but this coddling makes Danny even more restless.

One night he gives up, runs away into the pine woods, and disappears. His friends find him gone in the morning and assume he has found some woman. Jesus Maria thinks this is odd for Danny.

The Pirate takes his dogs into the woods to find Danny, worried that he might be sick, but he is not to be found. When they return to Danny’s house in the evening, they find that Danny’s blankets, some food, and two pots are missing. Pablo realizes that Danny must have taken them, a sure sign that he is mad.

Every day the friends search for Danny. They hear rumors of Danny’s wild adventures, including knocking down people starting fights. More things begin to disappear from the house, including things that do not belong to Danny. The rumors continue. Danny committed partial rape. Danny stole milk from Mrs. Palochico’s goat. Danny was in a fight with some soldiers.

The friends are sad at the realization of Danny’s moral decay, but they are also jealous of the good time he is having.

Then Danny steals from Mr. Torrelli and seduces his wife. Mr. Torrelli has had enough of Danny and his friends. One day he arrives at Danny’s house and shows the friends a piece of paper. It is a bill of sale. Danny sold Mr. Torrelli his house, and the friends must vacate the premises immediately.

The friends are dumbfounded. They ask to see the paper, but Mr. Torrelli refuses to show them. They knock him down, take the bill of sale from him, and burn it in the stove. Mr. Torrelli is furious that now he has no proof of ownership.

Danny returns unexpectedly. The friends tell him of Mr. Torrelli’s account of the sale. Danny asks what they did with the bill. He is relieved to hear that it has been burned. The friends and Danny are reunited. They decide that they must do something nice for Mr. Torrelli.