“Today is Thursday and I tell you brother, its a long way from Friday to Friday. All kinds of things can happen. All kinds of bad feelings can surface and erupt while yr little brother waits for you to bring in yr share.” 

“I dont touch thuh cards, 3-Card. I dont touch thuh cards no more.”

“I aint going back to that, bro. I aint going back./ You play Honest Abe. You aint going back but you going all the way back. Back to way back then when folks was slaves and shit.”

“They said thuh fella before me- he took off the getup one day, hung it up real nice, and never came back. And as they offered me thuh job, saying of course I would have to wear a little makeup and accept less than what they would offer a- another guy-”

“Dont make me into no Lincoln. I was Lincoln on my own before any of that.”

“Lucky? Aint nothing lucky about cards. Cards aint luck. Cards is work. Cards is skill. Aint never nothing lucky about cards.”

“And there he is. Standing behind me. Standing in position. Standing upside down. Theres some feet shapes on the floor so he knows just where he oughta stand. So he wont miss. Thuh gun is always cold. Winter or summer thuh gun is always cold. And when the gun touches me he can feel that Im warm and he knows Im alive. And if Im alive then he can shoot me dead. And for a minute, with him hanging back there behind me, its real. Me looking at him upside down and him looking at me looking like Lincoln. Then he shoots.”

“I think there was something out there that they liked more than they liked us and for years they was struggling against moving towards that more liked something.”

“Taadaa, motherfucker. Taadaa!”

“Think you can take my shit? My shit. That shit was mines. I kept it. Saved it. All this while. Through thick and through thin. Through fucking thick and through fucking thin, motherfucker. And you just gonna come up in here and mock my shit and call me two lefthanded talking bout how she coulda been jiving me then go steal from me?...You aint gonna be needing yr fucking money-roll no more, dead motherfucker, so I will pocket it thank you.”