Tony Kushner

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What genre is "Angels In America" and why?

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Tony Kushner's, "Angels In America" is included in the Drama genre.  This is a story told within the format of a play.  The play is a study of the two main characters, one a gay man, Prior Walter, and the other, Joe Pitt, a "heterosexual" who is a Mormon and is desperately fighting within himself over his homosexual desires.  Joe's wife Harper is a drug addict and unhappy in her marriage to Joe.  Meanwhile when Prior tells his lover, Louis Ironson, that he has AIDS Louis abandons Prior and has to go through self discovery and a maturation process.  He has to learn to become responsible to those around him and to himself. 

The play investigates community, religion, commitment, homosexuality, drug use, and politics. The drama is centered around the concept of change or resistance to change. 

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