Chapter 31 Summary

Before dawn the next morning, Huck Finn knocks again at the Welshman’s door. When he answers Huck, the Welshman cries out that he will open his door to him any time. He welcomes a startled Huck inside and invites him to breakfast. As the Welshman and his sons prepare the food, he describes the encounter with the attempted burglars in the night. He and his sons exchanged gunshots with the criminals, but nobody was hit, and the criminals got away. He asks Huck if he knows who it was, and Huck says it was the deaf-dumb Spaniard and his raggedy friend. Hearing this, the Welshman sends his sons to tell the sheriff. Before they go, Huck begs them not to tell anyone who gave them this information.

When the young men are...

(The entire section is 673 words.)