Chapter 21 Summary

After kissing Aunt Polly good-bye, Tom feels much better. On his way back to school, he sees Becky Thatcher and decides, on impulse, to apologize. He says that he has been mean, and he asks to be friends again. Becky shouts an insult and runs away. This makes Tom furious, and he wishes she were a boy so that he could beat her up. This being impossible, he settles on insulting her, and Becky’s hatred for him is confirmed before the lunch recess is over. She longs for the afternoon’s classes to begin so that she can see Tom whipped for ruining his spelling book.

The town’s teacher, Mr. Dobbins, has always wanted to be a doctor. However, he never had enough money to pursue a degree in medicine, so he has only managed...

(The entire section is 691 words.)