Topics for Further Study

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Make a list of Tom’s virtues and vices. Do you think that virtue or vice is dominant in his character? Does this change in the course of the story? Explain your answers.

In what ways is Tom like young people today? In what ways is he different? What similar challenges does he face, and what challenges of his are very different from today’s?

Do some research to learn about country life and life in London in the mid-1700s. Then decide how realistic Tom Jones is in its portrayal of life in England. Write an essay in which you discuss some realistic aspects of the novel and some aspects that are not historically accurate.

Do you think that Sophia made a good choice in marrying Tom? Why or why not?

Choose the names of ten characters in Tom Jones and tell why each one is appropriate. Consider such things as the meanings and the sounds of the names and how these relate to the characters’ traits.

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