To the Lighthouse Chapters 14-16 Questions and Answers
by Virginia Woolf

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Chapters 14-16 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why didn’t Nancy want to go on the walk?

2. What is Andrew interested in on the walk?

3. What is Paul’s purpose in this excursion?

4. What personality characteristics does Minta exhibit?

5. What does Minta lose on the beach?

6. What does Paul promise to do?

7. Rose and Jasper help Mrs. Ramsay to choose what?

8. Why does Mrs. Ramsay allow Rose to select her jewels?

9. What creatures does Mrs. Ramsay talk to?

10. In what way does Mrs. Ramsay walk down the stairs?

1. Nancy finds Minta too demanding. Nancy prefers to be alone.

2. He is interested in collecting marine specimens.

3. Paul wants to ask Minta to marry him.

4. Minta is emotional, somewhat rash, and a bit pushy.

5. Minta loses her grandmother’s brooch.

6. Paul promises to return at daybreak to find the brooch.

7. They help her choose a necklace.

8. Mrs. Ramsay knows this ritual is important to her. She is in a stage of “mother worship.”

9. Mrs. Ramsay talks to the rooks who settle on the trees outside the window.

10. Mrs. Ramsay walks down the stairs like a queen who silently accepts her subjects’ adoration.