To the Lighthouse Additional Characters

Virginia Woolf

William Bankes

(Novels for Students)

William Bankes is an old botanist friend of Mr. Ramsay's who has come to stay at the Ramsay home. The years since the two first became...

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Lily Briscoe

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Lily is an artist who stays with the Ramsay family in the first section of the novel, and returns with them to their Scottish summerhouse in...

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Cam Ramsay

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Cam, the little Ramsay daughter, is a "wild and fierce child" at the beginning of the book who refuses to give William Bankes a flower. When...

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James Ramsay

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James Ramsay is the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay. As a little boy he is an extremely sensitive child who idolizes his mother....

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Mr. Ramsay

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Mr. Ramsay is the father of the family. He is the most misunderstood character in the book, a man whose children hate him because they think...

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Mrs. Ramsay

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A lighthouse along the Shetland coastline in Scotland. Published by Gale Cengage

Mrs. Ramsay is the mother of the Ramsay family who dies during the middle section of the novel. A beautiful, caring woman, she means all...

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Other Characters

(Novels for Students)

Andrew the Just
See Andrew Ramsay.

Cam the Wicked
See Cam Ramsay.


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