To the Lighthouse Time Passes, Chapters 1-7 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Time Passes, Chapters 1-7 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Mrs. McNab: elderly caretaker; suffers aches and pains of age

Some years after the day recorded in The Window, Andrew and Prue Ramsay, as well as Mr. Bankes, Mr. Carmichael and Lily Briscoe, return to the seaside house. Mr. Bankes remarks, as he enters the house, “Well, we must wait for the future to show.” The others comment on the extreme darkness of the evening. When they’re all safely indoors, they extinguish the lights and retire for the evening.

After this brief glimpse of the characters met in The Window, Nature becomes personified as the main character of Time Passes. The “immense darkness” and...

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