To the Lighthouse Chapters 8-10 Summary and Analysis (Virginia Woolf)

Virginia Woolf

Chapters 8-10 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mrs. Bast: caretaker, born in Glasgow; did not know the Ramsays; assists Mrs. McNab

George: Mrs. Bast’s son; quiet, hard worker

Mrs. McNab has heard that the family will never come again. She picks some flowers to take home with her. She wonders what will happen to the house. She looks at the moldy books and knows they should be laid out on the grass in the sun. Talking to herself, she thinks that the war and the difficulty in finding help, have rendered the house beyond repair. It’s beyond her strength to do it. But, why hasn’t anyone come to see it? Why did they leave clothes in all the bedrooms? She thinks that poor Mrs. Ramsay...

(The entire section is 1535 words.)