To the Lighthouse Chapters 18 and 19 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Chapters 18 and 19 Summary and Analysis

As the dinner scene fades, Lily watches Mrs. Ramsay ascend the stairs in the lamplight. She notices that her departure brings a kind of disintegration to the group; they scatter. Bankes takes Tansley by the arm and continues the dinner table conversation about politics. The shift from “poetry to politics” strikes Lily. She wonders where Mrs. Ramsay is going so quickly.

Mrs. Ramsay is reflective. She seeks to sift through the evening and pick out the “thing that mattered” from the evening. Her internal “judges” query her: Is it good? Is it bad? She uses the branches of the elm trees outside to anchor her. She approves of the dignity of the trees’ stillness. It is windy, she...

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