To the Lighthouse Chapters 12 and 13 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Chapters 12 and 13 Summary and Analysis

Mrs. Ramsay takes her husband’s arm and they go for an evening stroll. She speaks of her concerns about the gardener, but avoids once again speaking to him about the 50 pounds needed to fix the greenhouse. The two continue to chat about the children and the houseguests. As they talk, Mrs. Ramsay returns many times to her thoughts about the maintenance of the garden. As Mrs. Ramsay talks about the gardener, Mr. Ramsay chides her for exaggerating. When she protests, he takes advantage of the turn in the conversation to comment on her beauty. She turns the conversation to their daughter’s beauty. Mr. Ramsay expresses his concern over Andrew’s academic motivation. She defends him. Although they...

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