To the Lighthouse Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

Virginia Woolf

Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Mr. Macalister: seventy-five year old fisherman; converses with Mr. Ramsay on the boat

Out at sea, the boat is motionless. Mr. Ramsay, sitting in the middle, becomes impatient. He tells Macalister’s boy to row.

James and Cam dread their father’s impatience. They are angry that they have been bullied into the trip. They have sworn (silently) to “oppose tyranny to the death” and passively resist their father’s commands. They hope there will be no breeze; they want their father’s plans to be thwarted.

Suddenly, the boat takes off. Ramsay and Macalister share a pouch of tobacco and talk about a severe storm from the...

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