To Kill a Mockingbird Overview Quiz

You probably know a classic like To Kill a Mockingbird like the back of your hand, right? Test your skills with eNotes' To Kill a Mockingbird Overview Quiz to find out! Includes questions on the major and minor plot points and characters of Harper Lee's well-known novel.

  1. Where does Boo leave presents for Scout, Jem, and Dill?

  2. What is Scout's real name?

  3. Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird?

  4. What activity does Miss Fisher forbid Scout to do?

  5. To what is Mrs. Dubose addicted?

  6. What does Jem have to leave behind when he, Scout, and Dill are scared away while spying on Boo Radley?

  7. Which character gets the lynch mob to break up and go away?

  8. What was “Boo” Radley’s real, given name?

  9. Why do the gifts in the Radley tree stop appearing?

  10. Which decade serves as the setting for To Kill a Mockingbird?