Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird Quiz

Atticus Finch is one of the best known and most beloved characters in literature. Do you understand why? Take this eNotes quiz on the character of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird to find out! Ten questions let you know in a flash if you have a good grasp of the character and his purpose in the novel.

  1. How do the black spectators show Atticus respect as he exits the courtroom?

  2. What must Atticus confront Jem about?

  3. According to Atticus, what must you do to understand another person?

  4. What makes Atticus wake up the children and get them out of the house?

  5. When dealing with Walter Cunningham, how does Atticus treat him?

  6. Atticus informs Scout that ______________ has been helping her.

  7. What is Atticus teaching Scout to do at home?

  8. In addition to being a lawyer, Atticus is also a member of what?

  9. True or False: Atticus is a widower

  10. True or False: Atticus did not expect to win his case for Tom Robinson