Chapter 6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Mr. Avery’s claim to fame?

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2. What is the children’s new plan in Chapter 6?

3. Where do the children sleep in the summer?

4. What are some of the nicknames that Jem gives Scout?

5. Why do the children spit on the gate?

6. How do you know that Jem respects his father?

7. What does Jem lose when he goes to the Radley Place?

8. What false story does Dill tell about the missing pants?

9. What promise/understanding exists between Scout and Dill?

10. How does Atticus take care of the poker problem?

1. He can urinate “ten feet” into the yard.

2. The children develop a plan to look in on Arthur Radley.

3. The children often sleep on the porch in the summer.

4. Jem calls Scout “Angel May” and “Little Three-Eyes.”

5. The children spit on the hinge to prevent it from squeaking.

6. The reader knows that Jem respects his father when he braves the Radley Place at night to retrieve his pants. Atticus has never spanked him, and Jem prefers to keep it that way.

7. Jem loses his pants when he goes to the Radley Place.

8. Dill says that the pants were lost in a game of strip poker.

9. They are engaged.

10. He tells the children to settle it themselves.

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