Chapter 31 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Boo go inside the Finch house again?

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2. What book is Atticus reading?

3. Why does Scout walk with Arthur to his home?

4. Why does she ask Boo to take her arm?

5. Why does Scout go to sleep before the story is over?

6. Why does the doctor put a tent over Jem?

7. Why is Atticus reading the book?

8. What does Atticus say most people are like when you finally see them?

9. What makes you think Atticus does not believe Scout when she says she is not afraid?

10. What makes Scout sad in thinking back on all the gifts Boo had given them?

1. Boo Radley goes inside the Finch house again to see Jem.

2. Atticus reads The Gray Ghost.

3. Scout walks with Arthur to his home because he asked her to do so.

4. She asks Boo to take her arm so if Miss Stephanie looks from her window, she will see a gentleman escorting a lady.

5. The room is warm, the rain is soft, Atticus’s knee is snug, and the voice is deep so Scout goes to sleep.

6. The tent is to protect Jem’s arm from the cover.

7. Atticus reads the book because he has never read it.

8. Atticus says most people are nice when you finally see them.

9. When Atticus raises his eyebrows, the reader knows he does not believe Scout.

10. Scout is sad because she remembers that they had given Boo nothing.

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