Chapter 30 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is in the doctor’s package?

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2. Why do they take Boo on the front porch?

3. In what order do they go out on the front porch?

4. What does the sheriff say had happened to Mr. Ewell?

5. What does Atticus say had happened to Mr. Ewell?

6. What comparison does Scout make with Boo?

7. For what does Atticus thank Boo?

8. How does Scout try to cheer Atticus up after Mr. Tate leaves?

9. What kind of knife was used to kill Mr. Ewell?

10. Where does the sheriff say he had gotten the switchblade?

1. The doctor carries medical supplies.

2. They take Boo to the front porch because they think he will be more comfortable in the dark.

3. Mr. Tate, then Atticus, then Scout and Boo together.

4. The sheriff says Mr. Ewell had fallen on his knife.

5. Atticus thinks Jem killed him in self-defense.

6. Scout compares Boo to a mockingbird.

7. Atticus thanks Boo for his children.

8. Scout tries to cheer Atticus with hugs and kisses.

9. A kitchen knife was used to kill Mr. Ewell.

10. The sheriff says he had gotten the switchblade from a drunk.

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