To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 3 Questions and Answers

Harper Lee

Chapter 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Describe Burris Ewell.

2. Little Chuck Little tells the teacher that Mr. Ewell is “right contentious.” What does this mean?

3. What events lead to Burris’s leaving school before the day is over?

4. Why does Atticus say that Scout is not to mention the compromise they made when she goes to school?

5. What is a cootie?

6. Why does Walter think he almost died the first year in school?

7. Why does Atticus say Scout should ignore Jem in the tree house?

8. When Walter gets near the Finch house, Scout says he “had forgotten he was a Cunningham.” What does she mean?

9. What does it mean to “climb into his skin and walk around in it?”

10. Tell what a compromise is and give an example.

1. Burris was the filthiest human Scout had ever seen. His neck was dark grey and his nails were black into the quick. He was rude to the teacher and said that she could not make him do anything he did not want to do.

2. He meant that Mr. Ewell was quarrelsome.

3. First, Miss Caroline saw a “cootie” on him. Then she dismissed him for the rest of the day to go home and wash his hair in lye soap and kerosene; she also reminded him—in front of the class—to bathe before coming back to school. After he tells her he will not be back, she asks him to sit down. Burris...

(The entire section is 438 words.)