Illustration of a bird perched on a scale of justice

To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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Chapter 27 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Mrs. Jones say Mr. Ewell said when he lost his job?

2. When does Judge Taylor hear a strange noise?

3. Why does Helen walk a mile out of her way to get to work?

4. Who defends Helen against Mr. Ewell?

5. What noise did Judge Taylor hear?

6. During what month does this chapter take place?

7. What is Scout’s costume for the pageant?

8. What are the nicknames for the Barber sisters?

9. What trick is played on the Barber sisters?

10. Who escorts Scout to the pageant?

1. Mr. Ewell says that Atticus got his job.

2. Judge Taylor hears a strange sound on Sunday night.

3. Helen walks a mile out of her way to avoid the Ewell Place.

4. Mr. Link Deas tells Mr. Ewell to leave Helen alone.

5. Someone cut Judge Taylor’s screen causing the noise.

6. This chapter takes place in October.

7. Scout is a ham for the pageant.

8. The children call the Barbers Tutti and Frutti.

9. The furniture from downstairs was put in the cellar while they slept.

10. Jem escorts Scout to the pageant.

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