Chapter 24 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where does the women’s missionary circle hold its meeting?

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2. Where are Dill and Jem?

3. During what month does the chapter take place?

4. Why is Scout not allowed to go with Dill and Jem?

5. What special group are the women studying?

6. Who is conducting the study?

7. Mrs. Merriweather tries to make Scout look bad in front of the others. She says Scout might want to be a lawyer since she has “already commenced going to court.” What does Scout say she wants to be when she grows up?

8. What bad news does Atticus bring home?

9. Mrs. Merriweather keeps saying there is someone the ladies needed to forgive. Who is it?

10. Who does Atticus take with him to Mrs. Robinson’s?

1. The women’s missionary group meets in the Finch home.

2. Dill and Jem are swimming at Barker’s Eddy.

3. The chapter takes place in late August.

4. Scout cannot go with the boys since they are swimming naked.

5. The women are studying the Mrunas.

6. Mrs. Merriweather is conducting the study.

7. Scout says she wants to grow up to be a lady.

8. The bad news is that Tom had attempted escape and had been killed by guards.

9. She thought the women should forgive Mrs. Robinson.

10. Atticus takes Calpurnia with him.

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