Chapter 23 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Atticus’s response when the children ask him to borrow a gun?

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2. What is a hung jury?

3. The jury contained white males from outside Maycomb. What are some missing groups?

4. What humorous remark does Atticus make when Ewell spits in his face?

5. Scout believes that Aunt Alexandra wants to help her choose something. What is this?

6. Do you think Tom could get a fair trial with a jury of white males from outside Maycomb? Why?

7. What is Atticus’ response when he was asked if he is afraid to fight?

8. Atticus says that one type of person is trash. Who was this?

9. Why could Miss Maudie not serve on a jury?

10. What does Aunt Alexandra call Walter Cunningham that angers Scout?

1. He responds “Nonsense.”

2. A hung jury is one that cannot reach an agreement.

3. The Maycomb jury includes no woman, no “black man,” and no Maycomb resident.

4. He says that he wished Bob Ewell did not chew tobacco

5. Aunt Alexandra seems to want to choose Scout’s friends.

6. No, because they are not his peers.

7. Atticus says he is not afraid but too old to fight.

8. Trash is a white person who cheats a “black man.”

9. Miss Maudie cannot serve because she is a woman.

10. Aunt Alexandra calls Walter trash.

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