Illustration of a bird perched on a scale of justice

To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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Chapter 22 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Aunt Alexandra call Atticus?

2. What does Jem mean when he says “It ain’t right”?

3. What does Dill plan to do with his life?

4. Miss Maudie normally gives the children a small cake each. What does she do this time?

5. What special thing do the people do to show their appreciation to Atticus the next morning?

6. What does Mr. Ewell say and do to Atticus?

7. Does Miss Maudie think that it is an accident that Atticus was appointed by the judge to defend Tom Robinson?

8. What kind of person does Miss Maudie say that Atticus is?

9. Why does it say that Dill makes rabbit-bites?

10. What is Aunt Alexandra’s response to the children’s going to court?

1. Aunt Alexandra calls Atticus “Brother.”

2. Jem means that it is not right that Tom was convicted.

3. Dill says that he plans to be a clown who laughs at people. He does not think he can change the way things are and, he prefers to laugh, not cry.

4. She gives Jem a slice from the big cake.

5. They bring him all kinds of food.

6. Mr. Ewell spits in Atticus’s face and says he will get even.

7. Miss Maudie says that the judge purposely chose Atticus to defend Tom. Usually the judge would have selected a new, beginning lawyer for this type of case.

8. Miss Maudie says that Atticus is a person who does the unpleasant work for others.

9. It means that Dill eats with his front teeth.

10. Aunt Alexandra says that the children should not have been there wallowing in the trial.

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