Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Mayella’s full name?

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2. What are lavations?

3. How can Jem tell which characters do not wash regularly?

4. Why does Judge Taylor not hold Mayella in contempt of court?

5. Why is Tom’s left arm crippled?

6. Whom does Mayella say she is afraid of?

7. What is a chiffarobe?

8. What question does Atticus ask Mayella that makes her furious?

9. What does the word tollable mean?

10. How many witnesses does Atticus say he still has to call when Mayella had finished?

1. Mayella’s full name is Mayella Violet Ewell.

2. Lavations are washings.

3. Jem says that those who do not wash regularly have a scalded look as if their bodies have been deprived of a protective layer of dirt.

4. She is poor and ignorant.

5. He has caught his left arm in a cotton gin and has torn the muscles loose from the bones.

6. Mayella says she is afraid of Atticus.

7. A chiffarobe is an old dresser full of drawers on one side.

8. Atticus asks Mayella if her father had attacked her.

9. The word should read tolerable, which means passable.

10. Atticus says he has one witness to call.

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