To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 15 Questions and Answers
by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird book cover
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Chapter 15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What are the only two reasons grown men stand outside in the yard, according to Scout?

2. What is meant by a “change of venue”?

3. Who is the mockingbird in this chapter? Why?

4. Who does Scout recognize in the mob at the jail?

5. Contrast the way Atticus rises from his chair at the jail and the way that he normally rises from a chair.

6. What breaks the tension when the mob comes to the house?

7. Where is Tom during the time that Atticus faces the mob downtown?

8. What does Calpurnia mean when she says Jem has the “look-arounds”?

9. What attitude do most of the people in Maycomb have toward walking?

10. What is Atticus’s loaded question?

1. Grown men stand outside for death and politics.

2. A change of venue is a change in the place where the jury is selected and the trial is held or where the events occur.

3. Tom is the mockingbird. Atticus could also be considered a mockingbird since he is endangered and he has done nothing to harm anyone. Since the reader is developing sympathy for Arthur, he might be a mockingbird also.

4. Scout recognizes Mr. Cunningham.

5. Atticus normally rises from a chair very quickly, but at the jail he moves like an old man.

6. Jem shouts that the phone is ringing in order to break the tension.

7. Tom is in the Maycomb jail.

8. It means that he is curious.

9. People only walk if they have a place to go.

10. Atticus’ loaded question is “Do you really think so?”