Chapter 14 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Scout find under her bed?

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2. What does Atticus mean when he says, "rape to riot to runaways"?

3. Why does Dill run away?

4. What does Scout think is under her bed at first?

5. What is Scout’s response to Aunt Alexandra when she tells Scout that she cannot visit Calpurnia?

6. What does Scout mean by “he bore with fortitude her Wait Till I Get You Home. . . .”

7. When Scout asked Atticus if she could go to Calpurnia’s, what was Alexandra’s reaction?

8. Whom does Atticus tell Scout to mind?

9. Why does Scout seem to be a very innocent child?

10. Why does Jem ask Scout not to antagonize Aunt Alexandra?

1. Scout finds Dill under her bed.

2. In one night Atticus had dealt with Scout’s questions about the word rape, had broken up a fight between Scout and Jem, and had dealt with the runaway Dill.

3. Dill says that he believes his parents get along better without him. He says that they expect him to behave like a boy.

4. Scout thinks at first that a snake is under her bed.

5. Scout says that she did not ask Aunt Alexandra.

6. This is a reference to the various “speeches” Dill’s Aunt Rachel gives when she finds Dill has run away.

7. Alexandra immediately says that Scout cannot go.

8. Atticus says Scout has to mind Calpurnia, Alexandra, and him.

9. Scout seems to be especially innocent when she and Dill lie in bed discussing where babies come from. She also seems innocent because she does not know the word rape.

10. Jem does not want Scout to antagonize Alexandra because Atticus has a lot on his mind thinking of the upcoming trial.

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