To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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Chapter 11 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why do Jem and Scout hate Mrs. Dubose at first?

2. What does apoplectic mean?

3. What is Atticus’s advice to Jem when Mrs. Dubose angers him?

4. Atticus has a special way of greeting Mrs. Dubose which pleases her. Describe the greeting.

5. What things does Atticus require Jem to do to make amends for his rage?

6. What does Atticus say is the one thing that “doesn’t abide by majority rule”?

7. Why do you think Atticus brings Scout two yellow pencils and Jem a football magazine after their first session with Mrs. Dubose?

8. Why is Mrs. Dubose lengthening the sessions each time?

9. What is Mrs. Dubose battling?

10. What does Mrs. Dubose give Jem before she dies?

1. They hate Mrs. Dubose at first because she speaks rudely to them...

(The entire section is 265 words.)