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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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If you were to make a memory box for Dill, what would you put in it? A memory box has to have things that represent a character. It also has things that are important to him/her. It has items to remember important events as well. I have to come up with a few more so help is well appreciated.

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One of the things I would include for Dill would an issue of the comic book, "The Grey Ghost." Dill had lost this prize issue in a bet with Jem Finch. Dill dares Jem first to knock, then reduced the dare to simply touch, the door of Radley's home. Jem, "who had never declined a dare" does it. The lesson that all the children learn after the trial, and after getting to know Boo, is the error of judging people by their appearances. The comic book (whose name "The Grey Ghost" is one way to think of Boo Radley) would remind Dill of this lesson.

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