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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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Why does Scout call Atticus feeble?

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At the beginning of chapter 10, Scout offers an unflattering description of her father by mentioning that Atticus was feeble. As a naive, innocent child, Scout views her father as feeble because he is not as young as the parents of her contemporaries and is less active than them. As a fifty-year-old man, Atticus does not participate in many physical activities. He even refrains from playing in a local church football game. In addition to being significantly older than her friends's parents, Atticus is nearly blind in his left eye and wears glasses. Scout also views her father's occupation as mundane and boring because he works in an office and does not experience much excitement.

Despite the fact that Atticus is nearly fifty, wears glasses, and does not participate in many physical activities, he is an expert marksman. Jem and Scout are astonished to discover this when they witness him shoot and kill a rabid dog in one shot. After seeing Atticus shoot Tim Johnson using Sheriff Tate's rifle, Miss Maudie calls Atticus by his former nickname "One-Shot Finch" and Jem is at a loss for words. Following the incident, the children are proud of their father and no longer believe that he is a feeble old man. Maudie also elaborates on why Atticus never bragged about his marksmanship abilities. Jem tries to emulate his father's humble personality.

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