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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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Where is Calpurnia's house located?

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Calpurnia's house is located in what is called the Quarters; it is mainly where the African-American community in Maycomb lives. Although Calpurnia works as a cook and housekeeper for the Finches, she has her own home in the Quarters. As an employee, Calpurnia has been with the family ever since Jem was born. She is a strict yet loving maternal influence in both Jem and Scout's lives.

Calpurnia works in the Finch home during the day and returns to her own home in the Quarters at night. Even on the coldest evenings, Calpurnia insists on going home. In the story, Atticus drives Calpurnia home during one of the coldest winter nights in Maycomb. On this night, Miss Maudie's house burns down, and the men of Maycomb work tirelessly through the night to prevent the fires from claiming other nearby homes. Calpurnia returns the next morning to minister to the children and Atticus.

Later in the story, Calpurnia takes Scout and Jem to the First Purchase African M.E. Church. The church is situated in the Quarters, "outside the southern town limits, across the old sawmill tracks" and is so-named because it was originally purchased from the initial earnings of freed slaves. So, Calpurnia's house is located in the Quarters, where she spends some of her time when she is not tending to the Finches. After the church service at First Purchase, Scout expresses a desire to visit Calpurnia at her home on occasion. Calpurnia answers that Scout will be welcomed warmly if she decides to visit.


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