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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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What is the summary of Chapter 6 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Jem and Dill decided to sneak into the Radley yard to spy on Boo. Scout was hesitant, but she reluctantly went along with them. They tried to be quiet as they snuck into the yard. The gate was squeaky, so they spat on it until it did not creak. They had further problems with noisy chickens and swishing collard greens in the garden. Dill climbed on Scout and Jem to peek in the window, but he saw nothing. Jem boldly climbed onto the porch to peek through another window.  

Scout spotted a shadow. She soon realized it was a man. Dill saw the shadow, followed by Jem. Jem ran off the porch, and the man in the shadows shot a gun. The children escaped through the barbed wire fence, but Jem's pants got stuck. He had to leave them behind.

They discover the shooter was Mr. Radley. The three children pretend to be clueless about the incident. Jem tells his father that he lost his pants in a game of strip poker. Jem decides to go rescue his pants. Scout begs him not to go, but he is determined. Hesitantly, she "unlatched the back door and held it while he crept down the steps. It must have been two o'clock. The moon was setting and the lattice-work shadows were fading into fuzzy nothingness. Jem's white shirt-tail dipped and bobbed like a small ghost dancing away to escape the coming morning" (Chapter 6). He safely returns with his pants, but he is silent.

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