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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee
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What is one instance in which children become friends with adults (besides Scout & Miss Maudie and Scout & Boo)

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Could you use the situation between Scout and Walter Cunningham Sr. at the jail that night? You know, when Atticus went to protect Tom, took a light and the car and then the kids followed him?

In that scene, Scout's innocence and effort to talk about the issues that mattered to Walter demonstrated an effort at the very least for Scout to become friends with an adult. She mentioned his entailment and she talked about his son. She demonstrated great humanity and as a result gained Walter's respect and humanity. This all occurred in chapter 15.  Good luck, the only other situation I can think of is the kids going to Cal's church and that they further befriend her by learning about her life outside their home... that's in 12.

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