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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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What are the details of the Maycomb County Halloween festivities?

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For Halloween, the schools combine to hold a pageant in the high school auditorium. While it is festive and educational, it also offers a way for the parents to supervise their children so that they don’t pull any “tricks.” Organized by a teacher, Mrs. Grace Merriweather, the central part is a play about Maycomb County’s past and future. In addition to the children’s performance of the play, the events also include the House of Horrors.

The children have roles playing agricultural products (plant and animal) that are important in the local economy. Scout’s role is a ham, which requires her to don a cumbersome wire-and-cloth costume. Other roles include a cow, a peanut, and a butterbean. Following the national anthem, the pageant begins with Mrs. Merriweather’s speech about Colonel Maycomb, for whom the town was named. This boring speech almost puts Scout to sleep, but she recovers in time to perform.

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