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To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee

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Do you think it is possible for Atticus to remain friends with his community members following the trial?

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In Chapter 9, Atticus has a conversation with Scout about defending Tom Robinson. Atticus tells his daughter that there is no chance of winning and that she will have to control her emotions when she is provoked. He encourages Scout to remember that their neighbors are their friends and that she must keep her fists down no matter what. Although the community members are prejudiced, many of them secretly respect Atticus for valiantly defending Tom. Even though they disagree with Atticus, they are still friendly to him and his children. During Aunt Alexandra's missionary circle, Mrs. Merriweather indirectly refers to Atticus as "good, but misguided," and Scout says the Maycomb citizens continue to re-elect Atticus to the state legislature. His re-election is proof that citizens respect him and still view him in a positive light. In my opinion, the community realizes they convicted an innocent man and the only person brave enough to challenge the social norms by defending a black man was Atticus. I think it is absolutely possible for the community members of Maycomb to remain friends with Atticus following the trial.

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